Consider these Factors when Buying Olives

Consider these Factors when Buying Olives

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With the emergence of counterfeit extra virgin olive oil in the market, consumers want to educate themselves more on how to purchase and recognize good quality olive oil. The quality of olive oil has to do with the quality of olives they are produced from.

Here are factors to take into account when buying olives to make sure you get and eat the best:


Properly-cured olives will produce a clean aroma. Your nose can easily tell an off-fermentation and any unpleasant odor is not acceptable in quality table olives.


Often, taste matters in terms of food; however, as with olive oil, high-quality olives can be recognized through their flavor. Table olives that are well-fermented must have a great balance between their natural flavor, the added salt, the natural lactic acid, and vinegar. Olives that are too acidic are not easy on your taste buds. Also, this could mean that the acidity is added after the curing process instead of being made during it.


When it comes to olives, looks do count. Quality table olives should taste and look good. These traits must always be present in good olives. Examine the skin of the fruits and skip those with patchy or discolored skin. The perfect olives tend to be shiny and flawless.


In general, you don’t want moldy foods because molds can contain harmful toxins. Olives are quite susceptible to mycotoxins and molds, though these are not as serious problems in olives because as they are in coffee, chocolates and grains. However, you must look out for mold in olives because they can impact their taste. Purchase olives with pits. During processing, eliminating the pit will bruise the fruits and allow molds to take over.


Olives must have a degree of firmness in their flesh. They should not woody or tough. Their skin must not be too tough and their flesh should detach from the pit. Look for olives that are not bruised and mushy. If you are looking to get olives at the olive bar of a store, find those dressed in brine since this helps them in retaining their flavor and moisture.

Table olives have varying flavors, especially with various methods of curing. However, being aware of these factors to consider will provide you with an idea of which to olives to order or purchase. If you are looking to buy olives online, your best bet is to get it from a reputable supplier since you may not be able to examine the fruits.

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