How to Properly Look After Your Handbag and Keep It Looking Like New Every Time?

How to Properly Look After Your Handbag and Keep It Looking Like New Every Time?

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No matter if you have purchased high quality wholesale designer bags which guarantee you all the durability, stability and what not, but sometimes the mishandling or any kind of accident can spoil our handbag with no warning. And as the time goes by, the previous wear and tear of your handbag due to the aforementioned events, escalates. And all you got to do is, to follow these tips if you still want your handbag in the mint condition.

  1. Never put your handbag on the floor.

There is a different universe of germs and nastiness on the floor everywhere, so do not place your valuable handbag down there. Always try to keep your handbag on the back of your chair, on your lap or on a neighboring seat. The alternative to this step is to own a handbag table hook to keep the bag off the floor. It is quite an affordable option to keep your handbag away from all the dirt.

  1. Handle your handbag with clean hands.

You do not want dirt, natural oil, or grime on your precious handbag at all cost. If that is not possible, you will always be indulged in cleaning your bag which takes us to the next step.

  1. Avoid over-cleaning your bag.

You do not want to over-clean your leather handbag because the chemical products involved in the same will also add to the destruction of your bag. Spot clean with water, if possible.

  1. All handbags are not designed equal.

Determine the type of the material used for making your handbag as it just may need different instructions to clean and preserve it. If your handbag is fabricated of leather, then invest in a good leather cleaner. It is affordable as well as it will keep your handbag looking neat and clean.

  1. Never store your Handbag with no cover or inside support


  • Preserve your handbag using a purse insert for support and a dust bag cover in the closet. Many bags come with their own dust bag cover, so do not throw them away.
  • Keep a tissue paper inside your handbag to keep the shape and placing your bag inside of a pillowcase to keep the dust at bay.
  • Buy a hanging handbag organizer to store your handbags in the closet with ease. It will prevent the dust to form on your bag and you can quickly grab a bag when you are on the go. It also helps in maintaining the shape of the handbag.

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