Useful Guide To Buy The Right Used Mercedes SUV Or Sedan

Useful Guide To Buy The Right Used Mercedes SUV Or Sedan

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Mercedes-Benz cars have got a reputation that their transmission system and engine runs “forever”. If you are interested in buying a used Mercedes Sedan or SUV, then there you need to gain a good knowledge of these cars.

Why people prefer buying a used Mercedes SUV Or Sedan vehicle?

Price is one of the major factors that makes pre owned Mercedes SUV / Sedan vehicle very attractive to car buyers. The value of luxury car models tends to depreciate at a faster rate as compared to economy cars. This makes them a lot appealing in the market of used cars. All the manufacture is done in accordance with the stringent quality standards.

Let’s look at the features of these models

C-class Sedans

The present C-Class sedan was introduced in the year 2015. This vehicle offer space for 4 passengers with one driver. The C-Class Sedan is available in luxury and sports trims. Sports model feels a little tight and is perfect for enthusiastic drivers. This luxury Mercedes models put a lot of emphasis on passenger and driver comfort.

Some of the C-Class Mercedes sedans include:

  • C230
  • CLK350
  • C280
  • CLK550

E-class Sedans

E-Class Sedans are a good combination of price and performance. They are midsized Mercedes models that provide a comfortable seating ability of five adults. E63 Sedan came with a 6.3liter V8 engine and 518-horsepower. This costlier and rarer model gets the twin-turbo treatment that produces huge power of 580 hp.

S-class Sedans

S-Class sedan offers a fine combination of comfort, luxury, and performance. This model comes with twelve cylinder engine which is quite big for a passenger vehicle. Twelve cylinder indicates more power for a heavier and bigger sedan. Such engine tends to be smoother and emit lesser vibrations to other vehicles.  S63 Sedan carried a 6.2 liters V8 engine, while S65 sedan comes with a twin-turbo V12 engine that generates around 600 horsepower.


Mercedes SUV comes in several models such as the compact GLC / GLK, the medium sized GLE / ML, and full size GLS / GL. In addition to solid build characteristics and smooth ride, SUV’s comes with several other technological features:

  • Bluetooth
  • Blind spot identification
  • Heated seats
  • Navigation
  • Comfortable seats
  • Panoramic sunroof


Mercedes SUV and Sedan are so special in the entire line up of Mercedes Benz models. There are a few important things that you need to consider when buying it. Checking its maintenance, history report, and performing a good inspection, will all help in getting you the best vehicle of your choice.

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