Various mediums to cultivate weeds

Various mediums to cultivate weeds

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Previously the only method that we have known to cultivate weeds is to plant the weed seeds in the seedbed which is just a small patch of land in our backyard. The growing medium always used to be soil. Today that is not the case you can buy any weed seeds for sale online and cultivate them in wide range of mediums. If you want to explore the various mediums for weed cultivation then here are few such options to help you get started.

Remember, regardless of the cultivation medium used you should always go for the best weed seeds USA has to feature. There can be no compromise on the quality of the seeds that you buy. The quality of the seeds that you use will decide the yield. So do not be careless here. Having said that, let us take a look at the alternative options that are available for us.

One of the mediums that you could use other than the soil for both indoor and outdoor cultivation of weeds is coco peat. This is made of coconut shell fibres. These are normally available as dry blocks and it can be used as an excellent substitute for soil. When you use coco peat you will be able to improve the yield because it never gets hardened as the soil even when it is dry. This helps in good soil aeration which is important not only for the marijuana plants but for all plants. You will need to use very little water here because the coco peat retains moisture for a long time. So if you are in a place where water usage is rationed then you could still cultivate marijuana with minimal use of water. One of the disadvantages here is that you will have to provide all the nutrients you need for the plants as the coco peat unlike soil does not have the minerals and nutrients. If you are deciding to go with coco peat you will need to cultivate your marijuana in planters regardless of whether it is outdoor or indoor cultivation.

The third method which is often used in indoor cultivation is to use water as the medium. This is called hydro phonics. The setup cost could be quite high here but it has several advantages. You will not run into most of the problems that arise from soil infections. You are likely to raise a very healthy batch of plants that are free from the normal pest attacks. All the nutrients and minerals can be added to the water which is circulated regularly and the plants will take all the nutrients from the water.

Most people cultivate marijuana out of passion for this plant and not just to smoke the buds. Depending on where you are living, try different mediums. On the one hand, you will be able to understand which method yields the best results and on the other hand, you will have more fun cultivating your marijuana.

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