Why Children Should Spend More Time In Nature

Why Children Should Spend More Time In Nature

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We all know that being outdoors and staying active is something that every child should practice, but they will not do so unless they have the encouragement from their parents. There has been a study in the 80s that proved just how important it is for kids to spend time in nature, as they will be able to express themselves much better than when they are cooped up inside all the time.

There are plenty of toys that could inspire your kids to spend more time outdoors, for example, you can check out the www.step2direct.com.au/kids-riding-toys or visit your local store and allow your kids to pick out the ride toys they like the most! Those types of toys are best during the summer when your kids can play outdoors as much as they want.

Kids love to play with ride-on toys

The issue of today

The reason why today’s parents need to be reminded that their kids should spend more time outdoors is simply because times are changing. Before, we did not have half of the technology that we have today, and thus kids are more likely to spend their time indoors, in front of the TV, PC, Xbox, PS4 and so on. It all depends on the devices you allow them to have.

Of course, this does not mean that you should forbid all contact with technology, but having a limitation should be a must. For example, create a schedule and allow your kids to spend a limited amount of time by the PC, while the rest of their free time should be spent outdoors instead. Fresh air, outdoor activities and everything that comes along is necessary for every child.

There has been a study that showed that children tend to spend over 7 hours indoors, while on average they would spend around 7 minutes playing outdoors, which is quite sad. One of the kids who was a part of the research commented that he prefers to play indoors because that is where all the electronic devices are.

Healthier lifestyle

Even if your kids like to play indoors, you should keep them away from electronics, or limit their time. You can do so by purchasing interesting toys, such as the best kids easel at Step2 Direct, or other toys you can get at your local toy store.

Help your kids get creative and get them a good easel!

It was proven that kids who did not spend that much time outdoors when they were young, were more likely to develop a condition later in life. Not to mention that their immune system was quite bad, compared to the kids who spent less time indoors.

Get a pet

If nothing seems to work, you could always encourage your kids to get active and spend some time outdoors by getting a pet, especially if you get a dog. Dogs are very active, they love to play and run around, and your kids will surely be fascinated and want to do the same.

However, if you do play on getting a dog, or any pet, you need to be ready to take proper care of them. In addition, your dog will teach your kids about empathy and responsibility, and they can also help develop their social skills.

Final word

By encouraging your children from a very early age to spend time outdoors and get active, you are allowing them to grow up in a better environment and build their immune system. This does not mean that they should never be allowed to have electronics, but everything needs to have its limits!

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